Multi Stacker 400(High Throughput Stacker)

  • The system can be connected to automated pipetting machines and other various machines.
  • High speed handling results high throughput.
  • A handling arm can be set either left or right side of the machine.
  • 4 chimneys can be set. (1 chimney can hold up to 50 plates.)
  • Applicable for deep well plates and tip racks as well.
  • The chimney can be attached and detached with plates being loaded.
  • Easy to load and unload plates while opening the front door of the chimney and rotating the table.
  • Plates can be taken in and out while operating.


Product name Multi Stacker 400
Plates 96-,384-,1536-well plates / tip racks / reservoirs and so on
No. of chimneys 4
No. of plates per chimney 25 ( Chimney Short )
50 ( Chimney Tall )
Plate handling speed Feed : up to 15 sec. / plate
Re-stack : up to 15 sec. / plate
Size 730 mm (W) X 530 mm (D) X 750 mm (H) without chimney
Weight approx. 30Kg
Power AC 100V - 240 V