Proposals for upgrade of dispensing dilution devices

Proposals for upgrade of dispensing dilution devices

Would you like to upgrade your current device to the latest model?

FASTEC series

FASTEC series

SGR series

SGR series

※ FASTEC®series is a registered trademark of Fujirebio Corporation.

※ SGR®series is a registered trademark of Academic Inc. (former Sanko Junyaku).

If you solve the disadvantage of thedispensing dilution systems,

please update to the latest model by all means!

Ms Technos Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of "FASTEC®" series and "SGR®" series. In addition to these OEM-supplied products, our automatic dispensing diluter introduced by us has far exceeded 2,000 units in Japan alone. Among them, we have extensive know-how that we have cultivated over many years, and it is fully included in the BISTEQUE series of new products.

※Some of our products are not manufactured by our company.

Benefits of updating

  • Improvement of operability
  • space-saving by significantly improving the dispensing
  • processing accuracy
  • introducing a touch panel

Demonstrations are accepted from time to time.

You can actually see the device and realize the difference.

Please contact us with your inquiries for the demonstration.

Apply for a demonstration