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Message from CEO

Our company was named MS TECHNOS Corp. to indicate the combination of medical, science and technology aspect.

This name represents our desire to be a company that continues to contribute in the fields of life science and clinical examinations through science and technology, and which continues to seek solutions on a daily basis.

Since the day of its establishment, our company has devoted itself to the development of automated dispensing devices while properly understanding the needs of our customers, 

with the aim of providing products that satisfy our customers in Japan and overseas.

We have enjoyed continuous growth thanks to the support of many customers.

While always striving to improve product quality and ensure stable supply of our excellent products, we will continue to provide valuable information to our customers in order to contribute to society.

As a company that handles equipment for the lives and health of people, we are determined to always be aware of the weight our responsibilities and duties, and we will strive to meet the expectations of our customers.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.


Yoshinari Matsui, CEO

Company Profile

Corporate name M S TECHNOS Corp.
Head office

18-1 Honey Kodenmacho Bld. 2F,

Nihombashikodemmacho, Chuo Ku, Tokyo
103-0001 JAPAN
Phone +81-3-6277-2706 FAX +81-3-6277-2707

Representative of corporation Yoshinari Matsui, CEO
Capital 14 Million Yen
Date of establishment 15th March, 2006
Business outline Manufacturing and sale of automated pipetting and dilution systems, automated medical specimen treatment instruments ( automated sampler ), 96/384ch automated pipetting systems for well plates, DNA related instruments, genomic drug discovery related equipment and related disposable supplies.