Domestic manufacturer specializing in
automated dispensing devices.

With an integrated in-house production system that covers
everything from planning to developing and manufacturing
automated dispensing devices and customer support, we are
able to flexibly respond to diverse customer needs.


Key strengths of MS TECHNOS

Thanks to our rich experience and know-how, we can respond to customers’ issues with great flexibility.

We provide only the best safe and high-quality products to our customers. 


In-house production that enables quick and flexible response

Since we design, develop and assemble products at our domestic factory, we provide flexible support that overseas manufacturers simply cannot provide. We also accept requests for the modification of existing devices and development of custom-built machines.


Advanced technical capabilities cultivated through more than 40 years of experience

We possess advanced technical capabilities cultivated through experience spanning more than 40 years (including the days of our predecessor company) as a domestic manufacturer specializing in the production of dispensing devices. Please feel free to contact us whenever you face issues related to dispensing devices.


Safe and reliable maintenance support

We guarantee free of charge repair for one year after purchasing a device. (Please note that the warranty does not cover failure caused by the customer.)

We will provide various maintenance systems even after the guarantee period ends, so you can continue to use the device with peace of mind.


Product Info


Explore our product line-up

MS TECHNOS provides a wide range of products, from liquid handling system and automated diluting devices to automated droppers.

Dispensing devices

High-performance dispensing devices with a wide range of dispensing capacity
supporting a variety of bioassays


Introducing a stacker that dramatically improves the functions and work efficiency of automated dispensing devices Further information

Would you like to upgrade your current device to the latest model?

Proposals for upgrade of
dispensing dilution devices


Allow us to solve your problems!

  • Improvement of operability
  • space-saving by significantly improving the dispensing
  • processing accuracy
  • introducing a touch panel

We bring to life the functions you desire

Please ask us about OEM/
custom-built machines

We can handle requests ranging from the customization of an existing device to the production of small/large machines and small-lot/large-lot production.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you have issues related to dispensing devices.


OEM/custom-built machines

Customer support

With extensive after-sales support, we provide stable operation of products, supporting customers so that they can continue to use products with peace of mind.

Please ask MS TECHNOS for the support.

Here we answer some frequently asked questions, such as "How accurate is the dispensing of your devices?", "Can you customize existing devices?" and "Is it possible to purchase tips on their own?"

What is an automated dispensing device?

An automated dispensing devices consists of an automated dispensing device to deliver a certain number of samples and reagents to each well at high speed and accurately, a transport system to move heads with nozzles and plates, and a controller to control these systems.