BISTEQUE 303(8, 12, 16, 24ch Automated Dispensing And Diluting System With Disposable Tips)

1, 8, 12, 16, 24ch Automated Dispensing And Diluting System


M S TECHNOS is one of a few Japanese automated pipetting system maker that can handle all process of production such as planning, designing, development and manufacturing by themselves. Including long favored OEM 8 / 12 ch automatic pipetting systems in clinical laboratories spreading all over Japan, far more than 2,000 systems have sold in Japan only. BISTEQUE 303 is built for responding all demands and needs gathered during those installations and maintenance of the units.


  • It is most suitable for virus inspection such as HIV / HCV / TP by agglutination method · ELISA method
  • Lightweight · compact design and choose installation location
  • It adopts the control method by LCD color touch panel, and does not need PC for control

Product features

Pipetting head


There are 2 types of heads, 12 ch and 24 ch. 12 ch head is for 96-well plates and 24 ch is for 384-well. Heads have carefully designed to minimize amount of air in the system to get high throughput at non-contact pipetting.

Tip rack


A stage far left is for tip rack. Vertical setup is for 12 / 24 ch and horizontal setup is for 8 /16 ch. Tip replacement is automated. Besides standard tips, there are other tips available, such as sterilized, filtered and siliconized tips.



There are 2 types of reservoir, 3- or 5-column. Capacity of a column is 60 mL for 3-column and 30 mL for 5-column and they are autoclavable.

Pipetting stage


Middle and right stages are for pipetting. Vertical setup is for 12 / 24 ch and horizontal setup is for 8 /16 ch. 3-, 5-column reservoir, shallow and deep well plates, SMT racks and other SNS standard labwares are applicable.

Tip waste box


An operator can choose used tip handling from either putting back to tip racks or discarding to tip waste box. You can use tips repeatedly without discarding.



Equipped with color LCD touch panel, you have no need for purchasing PC just for controlling the unit. The panel can be pushed in the unit with drawer mechanism.


Compatible labware 96-, 384- well plates ( including deep well ), SBS-standard labwares, SMT rack
Volume range 8/12ch ... 5 - 300µL (adjustable in 0.1µL)
16/24ch ... 1 - 40µL (adjustable in 0.1µL)
Dispensing system Air displacement disposable tip replacement
Capacity Dipensing 20 s/plate (25µL Non-contact)
Diluting 30 s/plate (25µL 8 tube-dilution)
Dispensing accuracy CV ≤ 2% ( at 25µL )
Control LCD color touch panel
Executable programs Single function program : 50 / Complex program : 50
Size 586 mm (W) X 330 mm (D) X 507 mm (H)
Weight approx. 33Kg
Power AC 100V , 50/60Hz approx. 60W


Equipment BISTEQUE 303 (1)
Tip Waste Box (1)
Reservoir 3-column and 5-column each
AC power cord (1)
Document Manual (1)